Adults experience bullying, too. Unfortunately, that behavior doesn’t stop when we leave childhood behind. Help the adults in your practice deal with bullying with the help of our cognitive behavioral therapy worksheets, handouts, games, and more. We offer bullying worksheets designed and developed by professional therapists who understand what you and your clients need. We also have group therapy worksheets for adults and resources for teens and children experiencing bullying. Download what you need today!

bullet Games
Show Your Feelings Role Play Games — Get people talking about their feelings with three “cut and tape” dice games. These games are fun to play and a great way to encourage kids, teens, or even adults to talk about their feelings.

bullet Poster
Kindness - Pass it On Poster — This poster is designed to help people remember the importance of daily acts of kindness. (0715)

bullet Worksheets
Be a Superhero — This worksheet encourages people to think about the super powers they would like to have and how they would use them. (Art Therapy, Quick, 0815)

What Are Your Positive Psychological Skills? — This worksheet is designed to help people see their positive psychological skills and apply them to their current mental health issues. (0815, Solution-Focused)

Understanding the Messages You Received As A Child — This worksheet is designed to help people examine the explicit and implicit messages they received as children and how these messages affect their self-image and self-efficacy. (0415)

Identifying Emotional Abuse — This worksheet is designed to help people identify emotional abuse in their own behavior or the behavior of others. (emotional abuse, relationships)

How to Take a Time Out When Arguing — This worksheet is designed to help people know when arguing is unproductive and they need to take a time-out. (conflict management, relationships, problem-solving)

Pushing Your Anger Buttons — This worksheet is designed to help people identify situations or events that trigger their anger.

Handling a Bullying Spouse — This worksheet is designed to help people find ways to deal with a bullying spouse. (bullying, relationships, marital therapy, couples counseling)

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