Child Abuse Prevention And Treatment

Help adults prevent child abuse and break the cycle of violence. Between Sessions offers therapy worksheets for adultschild abuse prevention posters, stories, handouts, and much more for the prevention and treatment of child abuse. Download CBT therapy worksheets designed and developed by professional therapists. Be sure to check out child abuse prevention and treatment resources for children, too.

bullet Fact Sheets
Recognizing the Symptoms of Child Abuse And Neglect — This fact sheet was developed by the Child Welfare Gateway and should be given to anyone who works with children. It defines the various types of child abuse and neglect according to Federal guidelines, and can be helpful in detecting signs of abuse or neglect.

bullet Worksheets
Building Your Support System — This worksheet is designed to help people think about the people in their support system and the kinds of support they might be missing. (social support, 0116)

Understanding the Messages You Received As A Child — This worksheet is designed to help people examine the explicit and implicit messages they received as children and how these messages affect their self-image and self-efficacy. (0415)

Domestic Violence Safety Plan — This form can be used to help women increase their degree of safety and make appropriate choices for themselves and their children. Sections include what to do after a violent incident, what to think about when leaving an abusive situation, how to be safe in your own home, what to take when leaving, and more. (domestic violence, trauma, abuse, relationships, 1120)

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