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Words That Heal — This worksheet is designed to help people find quotes that can inspire them to face and conquer their problems. It asks people to write down meaningful quotes and write down their own thoughts as well. It encourages people to keep a journal of words that heal for 21 days to see if this technique is a useful habit to continue. (0321, healing, grief, inspiration, motivation)

Nurturing Hope with a Hope Box — This worksheet is designed to help people nurture and nourish hope during the pandemic. It suggests creating a Hope Box as a daily ritual of identifying tangible objects that can inspire feelings of hope. A link is also given to an app which allows people to create a Virtual Hope Box. (1220, depression, pandemic, COVID-19, anxiety)

Creating a Personal Grieving Ritual — This worksheet is designed to help you think about personal rituals which can help you through your grieving process. You might choose to do a ritual every day, or you might only perform rituals on the anniversary of your loss. That is entirely up to you. Use the second worksheet to help you determine if rituals are helping you through your grieving process. (grief, loss, grieving, 0718)

Developing the Habit of Gratitude — This worksheet is intended to help people see the many benefits of developing an attitude of gratitude. It gives specific instructions on helpful activities to maximize the benefits of this practice. (depression, anxiety, prevention, gratitude, wellness, appreciation, 0717)

Creating a Better Holiday — This worksheet is intended to help people who normally dread the holidays plan meaningful activities that will make these days (and all days) personally fulfilling. (depression, social isolation, loneliness, wellness, 1116)

Loving Kindness Meditation — This worksheet is designed to teach people the technique of Loving Kindness Meditation. Research suggests that this simple meditation can have a long term effect on people’s happiness. (ACT, meditation, happiness, mindfulness, depression, 0616)

Connecting to a Higher Power — Many people feel that an important part of feeling good about themselves involves a connection to a higher power. For some people their higher power is God. For others a higher power could be nature, the universe, or some undefinable spirit. This worksheet is designed to help people think about their relationship to a higher power and how this brings meaning and purpose into their lives. (spirituality, 0316)

Just 3 Words — This worksheet is designed to help people gain insight into their values and how they incorporate them into their daily lives. (values, 1112, ACT)

Looking at the Timeline of Your Life — This worksheet suggests five activities that can help people get a “bird’s-eye view” of their lives as they note events and milestones at different ages. Suggestions include: listing positive events at different stages of life, influential people at different stages of life, anticipating future milestones, and more. (coaching, resilience, 1015)

Connecting to a Higher Power — This worksheet is designed to help people explore their connection to a higher power, and to think about whether that connection can help them in difficult times. (DBT, spirituality, 0915)

Finding Joy and Balance In Your Life — This worksheet describes a daily technique to help people be mindful of the positive things in their lives. This technique is particularly important for people who are stressed and depressed, but it should also be considered a resiliency tool which can help you find daily happiness in your life.(resilience, stress management, depression, 0615)

Feeling Better Through Spiritual Awareness — This worksheet is designed to help individuals who wish to bring spirituality into their lives as a way to help them with emotional problems and enrich their day-to-day lives. (spirituality, 0515)

Tolerating Upsetting Thoughts & Feelings — This worksheet helps people deal with difficult thoughts and feelings by having them focus on their core values rather than rely on self-destructive symptoms. There are two forms to complete, one to help people identify their core values and another to help them determine how much time they spend in activities that reflect these values. (0415, ACT)

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