Child Abuse Prevention And Treatment

The statistics on child abuse are staggering, and child abuse prevention and treatment is something that those treating children have to deal with every day. We offer therapist resources to aid therapy with patients of a variety of ages, including adults. Below you’ll find therapeutic activities for children that help them begin to recover from abuse and help to break the cycle of violence. These creative therapy methods are developed by a professional team so you can count on them to be high-quality resources for your practice.

bullet Fact Sheets
Recognizing the Symptoms of Child Abuse And Neglect — This fact sheet was developed by the Child Welfare Gateway and should be given to anyone who works with children. It defines the various types of child abuse and neglect according to Federal guidelines, and can be helpful in detecting signs of abuse or neglect.

bullet Handouts
Helping Children Cope After A Trauma — This guide, prepared by the Child Mind Institute, can help you know what you can do to help children of different ages. (trauma, 0618)

bullet Worksheets
When Do You Need Help? — This worksheet is designed to help children think about when they should ask for help for a variety of problems. (1217, resiliency, prevention)

What Makes You Special? — This worksheet asks children to think about five things that make them unique. It can be used to help children understand their strengths and to spark a discussion about how everyone has special qualities. Form type: PDF (0215)

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