Early Childhood

As a therapist, you know that early childhood is a time of vital development. Between Sessions offers therapy activities and resources that help you identify potential issues with development, including autism, developmental screenings, and other therapeutic activities for children. Our creative therapy resources are developed by a professional team of therapists who understand your needs in and out of session. Need a resource that you don’t see listed on our site? Let us know what it is and we’ll get to work creating it for you.

Developmental Screening Tools — Comparative of assessment tools used for developmental screening. (PDF)

bullet Brochures
Autism, Study to Explore Early Development — This brochure from the CDC gives risk factors for Autism Spectrum Disorder. (PDF)

Autism Activities — This brochure details basic facts on Autism Spectrum Disorder. (PDF)

Go Out & Play Kit — This brochure from the CDC talks about the importance of outdoor play for kids. (PDF)

bullet Certificate
Caught Being Good Certificcate — This certificate can be used to reward children each day for positive behavior. PDF (behavior, behavior management, 0516)

bullet Ebooks
911 Coloring Book — This coloring book and activity book can be used to help teach young children the importance of calling 911 in an emergency (safety, prevention, 1018)

Good Behavior Program and Coloring Book — This ebook doubles as a coloring book and behavior program that teaches kids 30 positive behaviors. Parents find it easier to reward positive behaviors than to use conventional discipline techniques. The program also teaches kids emotional and social skills that will go far beyond the traditional definition of good behavior.

Play Day in the Park — Simple book on the virtues of being outside and playing. (PDF)

Look What I Can Do — Colorful book for kids on developmental milestones. (PDF)

bullet Games
Teaching Young Children To Listen — This simple game is played like the classic game Simon Says. It can be used to teach young children the importance of listening to adult requests. PDF

Teaching Children Good Manners — This is a song game that can be used to teach young children to remember the importance of good manners.

bullet Handouts
Discipline for Kids — This handout describes positive discipline techniques for children, including time out, removal of toys, and active listening. A good starting point for parents of children with behavior problems. Form Type: PDF 914

Sexual Development and Behavior In Children — This handout is designed to help parents understand the sexual development and typical behavior of children and to respond appropriately. Form Type: PDF. 914

Fragile X Syndrome Fact Sheet — Basic facts about Fragile X Syndrome Disorders. (PDF)

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorders — Basic facts about fetal alcohol syndrome disorders. (PDF)

Developmental Screen Fact Sheet — Basic facts on the importance of screening for developmental delays. (PDF)

bullet Poster
Friendship Poster — This poster can be put in the home or the classroom to remind all of us about the importance of friendship. (values, character education, social skills, 0818)

bullet Worksheets
Belly Breathing For Kids — This is a brief explanation of breathing techniques and the supporting research for their use, intended for therapists. File Type: PDF

Teaching Kids To Be Thoughtful — This coloring sheet can be used to introduce the concepts of thoughtfulness and consideration to children. It can also be used as a mini-behavior program, letting children color in a star every time they do something thoughtful.

Helping around the House — A coloring worksheet for kids to help them learn about cleaning up around the house. PDF

Playing Quietly — This coloring worksheet helps kids play quietly. PDF

Certificate of Effort — Use this certificate to reward children for making a great effort on their school work or when working on behavioral goals. Form Type: PDF

Certificate of Appreciation — Use this certificate to reward children for good behavior. Works great with random acts of kindness programs. Form Type: PDF

How to Treat Others — This worksheet can be used to help children learn important rules about how to treat others. Form Type: PDF

Talking About Teasing — This worksheet for young children asks them to think about how children tease each other and what you should when children are teased. Useful for individual counseling or group discussion.

Learn About Feelings — Use this worksheet to help kids and teens talk about basic feelings.Form Type: PDF

Create Your Own TV Show — This worksheet can give insight on how children perceive their families.

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