Health Issues

Children dealing with health issues experience the world in a much different way than their healthy peers. Between Sessions offers therapy tools that help children cope with their health issues. Download games, worksheets, stories and more from our creative therapy selection. All of our resources, from our worksheets to our play therapy activities, are designed and developed by our professional team so you can count on their quality for your patients. Be sure to check out our health issue therapy tools for adults and teens, too.

bullet Assessments
Brief Pain Inventory — This assessment gives a quick overview of how pain affects a person’s daily life. (pain management, medical issues, 1214)

FACES Pain Scale — The classic Wong-Baker scale designed to visually measure the intensity of pain on a 0-10 scale. Particularly helpful for use with children. (pain management)

bullet Ebooks
Kids Guide to Coronavirus — This ebook, published by Magination Press, contains simple explanations for kids and tips for parents. (pandemic, COVID-19, 0820)

Play Day in the Park — Simple book on the virtues of being outside and playing. (PDF)

bullet Handouts
Helping Kids With Pain — This simple handout can be used to help kids in the hospital talk about their physical pain. Form Type: PDF 914

bullet Worksheets
Coping Cards — These Coping Cards can be used by people who want to replace negative behaviors with positive ones. A useful technique to help in breaking negative habits. Form Type: PDF (CBT, 0615)

After the Hospital — This worksheet uses a story and activity format to help children adjust to being home from the hospital and also talk about their feelings. Type: PDF (1114)

Recording and Changing Pessimistic Thoughts — This worksheet can be used to help people understand how pessimistic thinking is affecting their mental health. It is designed to record and change faulty thinking in a single day. PDF

Create Your Own TV Show — This worksheet can give insight on how children perceive their families.

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