Bullying is a very real issue for teens, and the internet has created new bullying methods that teens must learn to navigate. Between Sessions offers resources for therapists to help teens deal with bullying, including bullying worksheets, anti-bullying games, anti-bullying poster downloads and more. Take a look at the anti-bullying resources available for children and adults, too, and get the resources you need for your next session.

bullet Games
M and M Feelings Game — This fun game makes it easy to get people to talk about their feelings. A blank version of the game is included to write in your own questions/statements (emotions, emotional intelligence, communication, 0919)

Show Your Feelings Role Play Games — Get people talking about their feelings with three “cut and tape” dice games. These games are fun to play and a great way to encourage kids, teens, or even adults to talk about their feelings.

bullet Poster
Kindness - Pass it On Poster — This poster is designed to help people remember the importance of daily acts of kindness. (0715)

Bullying Awareness Posters — This collection of 12 posters, developed by a Federal anti-bullying program, can be used as great conversation starters for counselors who work with teens. Type: PDF (1014)

Dating Abuse Poster — This poster, created by LoveIsRespect.org will encourage teens to bring up concerns about dating abuse, which affects one in three teens.

bullet Worksheets
Asking Questions-Fortune Teller — This worksheet shows you how to cut out and fold a Fortune Teller which is designed to help kids talk about their themselves, their likes and dislikes, and more. (conversation, ADHD, Asperger Syndrome, emotional intelligence, 102918, 2 pages).

The Color of Character — This chart can be used to help kids learn the six important character traits and demonstrate these behaviors at least once a week. Recommended ages 8-14. (character education, behavior management, 1017)

Using Humor in Social Situations — This worksheet is designed to help teenagers think and talk about using humor in social situations. PDF (social skills, Asperger Syndrome, conversation skills, bullying)

Be a Superhero — This worksheet encourages people to think about the super powers they would like to have and how they would use them. (Art Therapy, Quick, 0815)

What Are Your Positive Psychological Skills? — This worksheet is designed to help people see their positive psychological skills and apply them to their current mental health issues. (0815, Solution-Focused)

Three Things That Are Important To You — This worksheet is designed to help kids think and talk about their values. Form Type: PDF (0618)

Identifying Emotional Abuse — This worksheet is designed to help people identify emotional abuse in their own behavior or the behavior of others. (emotional abuse, relationships)

How to Take a Time Out When Arguing — This worksheet is designed to help people know when arguing is unproductive and they need to take a time-out. (conflict management, relationships, problem-solving)

Pushing Your Anger Buttons — This worksheet is designed to help people identify situations or events that trigger their anger.

Ways People Pick On You — This worksheet is designed to help teens think about why they are picked on what they can do about it.

Learn About Feelings — Use this worksheet to help kids and teens talk about basic feelings.Form Type: PDF

Bullying Is Always Wrong — This worksheet helps kids and teens think and talk about bullying. Form Type: PDF

Labeling People — This worksheet can be used with children and teens to help them see the problem with labeling others. PDF

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