Between Sessions offers therapy resources for those working with teens. If you offer counseling for teens and can’t find the worksheets, handouts, games, or stories that you need, let us know. We can create the therapy activities for teens that you need! Simply visit our Request a New Tool page and let us know what you need. We’ll get to work creating it right away!

bullet Assessments
The General Self-Efficacy Scale — This simple 5-minute assessment can be used to assess self-efficacy, a measure of whether a person perceives that he can accomplish tasks and achieve goals. Lower scores may suggest a vulnerability to depression or other mental health problems. Higher scores indicate greater resiliency.

bullet Brochures
Tips for College Students: After a Disaster or Other Trauma — Helpful tips on coping with a disaster or trauma. (PDF)

bullet Forms
Talking to Someone Who Is Suicidal — This form is designed to help people understand the importance of talking to someone who is suicidal and to overcome obstacles to doing this.

bullet Worksheets
Choosing Mental Health Apps — This worksheet is designed to help people evaluate the potential helpfulness of mental health apps. (103117)

Learn About Feelings — Use this worksheet to help kids and teens talk about basic feelings.Form Type: PDF

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