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Mindful Coloring — Mindful coloring is a simple way to teach the benefits of mindful meditation. This coloring book includes an introduction about the basic premise of mindfulness and 11 coloring pages. PDF (mindfulness, ACT, DBT, 0416).

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Make Kindness the Norm Activity Book — This workbook is from the creative people at the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation. It contains dozens of ideas and activities. (RAOK, kindness, 0420)

911 Coloring Book — This coloring book and activity book can be used to help teach young children the importance of calling 911 in an emergency (safety, prevention, 1018)

Good Behavior Program and Coloring Book — This ebook doubles as a coloring book and behavior program that teaches kids 30 positive behaviors. Parents find it easier to reward positive behaviors than to use conventional discipline techniques. The program also teaches kids emotional and social skills that will go far beyond the traditional definition of good behavior.

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When Can We Go Home? — This workbook was written for homeless children to help them cope with their current situation and to build resiliency skills for the difficult times ahead. It contains 13 activities as well as a guidelines for grown-ups working with homeless children. (homelessness, resilience, 1114)

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