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Psychological First Aid Manual — This manual, prepared by the National Child Traumatic Stress Network and the National Center for PTSD. It is a detailed manual of how to assist people affected by trauma, covering such issues as contact and engagement, safety and comfort, information gathering, information on coping, and so on. (trauma, PTSD, 0418)  

Mental Health High School Curriculum Guide — The Mental Health and High School Curriculum Guide (U.S. version) is an evidence-based mental health curriculum that has been demonstrated to improve both teachers’ and students’ mental health literacy through teacher education and application in the classroom. There are six modules, with each module including information on teacher preparation, learning activities, and student evaluations. The guide was created under the leadership of Dr. Stan Kutcher. 171 pp. (0218)

Overcoming Your Creative Blocks Workbook — This ebook is a great resource for people in the creative arts, as well as those who want to bring creativity into any profession. Written by a therapist with more than 30 years treating creative blocks, it contains 44 different techniques drawn from a variety of therapeutic modalities. (0118)

Guidebook for Teens Seeking Adoption — This guidebook, prepared by the Oklahoma Department of Human Services, is designed to help teens going through a legal separation from their parents and being placed for adoption. The workbook presents a variety of exercises for younger teens to help them understand and adjust this this process. Type: PDF (0915)

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The Ultimate ADHD Toolkit for Parents and Teachers — Created by Additude Magazine, this guide has great tools to help parents be appropriate advocates in school for their ADHD kids.

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